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Dos & Do Nots of Cover Care

Do Not:

• Hang, yank on, or lift your cover by the fastener tabs.

• Walk, climb, jump, or play on the cover.

• Place objects on cover (pool toys, metal objects, hose, ect.) this may magnify the heat and damage the foam core and will void warranty.

• Swim or play under the cover when on the spa or hot tub.

• Over-chlorinate your spa, as excessive chemicals can decrease the life span of most materials and metals. Remember to remove the cover completely when adding chemicals so splashing chemicals cannot damage the cover.


• Use a floating cover in conjunction with your thermo spa cover.

• Clean dust and dirt from your cover regularly.

• Make sure all the water and snow is swept off and kept from accumulating or pooling on the cover.

• Whenever possible, you should stand your cover on end in a warm exposure to let the cover drain and dry out.

• Periodically use a protective treatment designated for marine vinyl products. The material used for your cover is treated with UV inhibitors to prevent fading; however, use of a protective treatment as suggested will prolong the life of your cover.