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How to Measure your Spa Cover

In order to match you with the right cover, we need to know the size of your hot tub. Learn more about how to measure spa covers from CEDAR MOUNTAIN MANUFACTURING in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you would like to print a simple set of instructions on an easy to use form, please contact us.

What Is a Skirt & How Do I Measure One?

The skirt on your cover is the flap of vinyl that hangs down from the bottom of the cover to cover the part of your spa's shell that would otherwise be exposed to the sun and elements. Skirts play a vital role in the insulation your cover can provide and measuring yours properly will make sure that you're getting the best value out of your cover. You'll want to measure from the bottom of your cover to about 1/2" to 1" below the shell at the top of your spa (usually, the cover provided by the spa manufacturer is designed to do this and you can just measure your old cover's skirt). For in-ground tubs that don't come up above the deck, where your cover needs to sit flush on the deck, no skirt is necessary, and you should put N/A.


How Long Should My Fasteners Be?

In measuring the fastener length, please measure from the bottom of the cover (not the bottom of the skirt) to where the strap attaches to the clip. Unless specified otherwise, we will put your fasteners on the ends of the cover on each side of the handle, 12" in from each side. If you would like your fasteners in a different location, please let us know when you order your cover, always measuring in from the sides (or ends if you want the fasteners on the sides). Our locking Side-Release Buckles come with both the buckle (female side) and the clip (male side) along with 2 keys.

How Do I Measure My Round Corners?

The biggest question we get as our customers measure their cover, is "how do I measure the rounded corners?". This is very easy to do! The first thing you'll need is two straight edges (a carpenters square is best, but 2 straight broom handles would work just as well). Set them against the edges of your tub (or old cover as shown above) to make a square corner around the rounded one. Finally, measure from the corner you've made, along the straight edge, to the point where the straight edge and the tub (or cover) meet back up (i.e. the corner shown is a 12" rounded corner).

If you prefer, a template for measuring these can be mailed to you quite easily if you request it by simply contacting us.