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Our Complex Cover Department

At CEDAR MOUNTAIN MANUFACTURING in Mapleton, Utah, we pride ourselves in making the best handmade hot tub covers available. While the majority of the covers we ship each year fall into more standard definitions, there are exceptional spa covers out there that are non-standard in some way. We provide custom spa covers that accommodate these needs.

Complex Covers Falls Into One Of the Following:

•  More Than 96" Wide or Needs More Than 2 Panels
• Unusual Shape or Contour (e.g. Kidney-Shaped Spa Covers)
• Special Cut-Outs for Speakers, Waterfalls, Controls, or Handles
• Other Options Not On Our Website
The Best Custom Covers
We rarely see a cover we can't make and we make the best quality custom spa covers you can buy. All of our covers are sloped for easy drainage and snow removal and extra steel reinforcements that come standard in all our oversized covers. If none of these categories fit your needs and your cover is a standard size (less than 96" wide or uses 2 panels or less), consider our non-customized spa covers. Please contact us at (385) 233-0179 if you have any questions.

Multi-Panel Cover