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Spa Covers Made From High-Quality Foam & Vinyl

Nothing beats the quality of UV-resistant spa covers from CEDAR MOUNTAIN MANUFACTURING. All of our handmade covers are manufactured right here in the Las Vegas, Nevada, area from top-notch components. These include virgin foam core, marine vinyl, and durable outdoor polyester thread.

Virgin Foam Core

Cedar Mountain is one of very few that actually uses virgin foam to provide more strength and insulation to the cover than commonly used recycled foam. Styrofoam is rated by its weight per cubic foot and CEDAR MOUNTAIN MANUFACTURING uses only 1lb and 1.5 lb virgin foam core inserts. The higher the rating, the stronger the foam.

Top Covering

Tapered Covering

Taper is extremely important on spa covers. The more exaggerated the taper, the better the runoff for rain and snow. All our covers have at least a 2" exaggerated taper that makes the cover easy to lift and keeps the snow and rain from resting on it. In fact, we are the first in the U.S. to use a 4"/2" taper.

Vapor Barrier

Plastic materials used for this vary in size from 1mm to 4mm. The thicker the material, the longer it will take for vapor to penetrate and begin to saturate the foam. CEDAR MOUNTAIN uses virgin 4mm plastic that has been heat-bonded to provide stronger resistance to moisture than tape does.

Metal Reinforcement You Can't Feel

Our metal reinforcement channels keep the foam from warping, and add strength to the foam. T-bars and other lateral reinforcements used by other manufacturers will score and weaken the foam, and are not advised. The metal should be embedded in the foam and should not be felt through the top or bottom of the cover. Our covers use a 24-gauge, galvanized steel channel that fits flush against the foam. Other manufacturers often place the metal in a position where it can rub through the vinyl and damage the cover over time. CEDAR MOUNTAIN MANUFACTURING covers have an embedded steel channeling that cannot be felt and will never rub through the vinyl.

High-Quality Vinyl

For a top-quality spa cover, you want only the highest-grade marine vinyl. Other manufacturers will use a non-marine or service grade marine vinyl that has no resistance to mold and no UV protection built into it. We use only the highest grade marine vinyl with the best UV inhibitors (for up to 1,500 hours) and mold resistance. It has been cold crack-rated to -10°F. This means our covers last longer and look nicer than any other option out there. Even those who do use marine vinyl can take advantage of you by:

• Using Service Grade Marine Vinyl
• Cutting Down On the UV Inhibitors
• Cutting Down On the Mold Resistors
• Using Seconds or Factory Rejects


Polyester thread is the only thread to use on outdoor items. Other manufacturers use cotton or nylon thread in order to cut costs. Both of these threads have the tendency to fade and then break within the first 2 years due to a lack of resistance to mold and UV rays. CEDAR MOUNTAIN MANUFACTURING uses only bonded and lubed premium polyester thread, the best outdoor thread available, that has been treated with enhanced UV inhibitors and mold resistance. These allow the thread to retain its strength and color longer than other fibers.

Bottom Material

The bottom of your cover sees some of the heaviest wear and tear, with the chemical fumes and hot steam that continually batter it. While 7 oz., 9 oz., and 10 oz. single-layered laminates are common, CEDAR MOUNTAIN MANUFACTURING uses an 11 oz. polyester scrim double-layered laminate. The thicker the laminate, the more durable the cover because it lessens ripping. We prefer polyester over nylon scrim because it does not shrink over time.

Hinges & Gasket

With only a single seam in our four-layer hinge, we have the strongest hinge on the market. Many companies, including CEDAR MOUNTAIN MANUFACTURING and those who have copied us, use a gasket in the hinge to keep the steam from escaping. You will not be happy without it. We use the largest heat seal gaskets available to retain the most heat.

Bottom and Hinges


Plus, CEDAR MOUNTAIN MANUFACTURING uses only corrosion-resistant zippers that will work properly and reliably for the life of the cover. Unzip a three-year-old CEDAR MOUNTAIN MANUFACTURING cover and it works! Unzip a three-year-old "cheapie" and it won't .


The handle is typically the first thing to become damaged on a spa cover. CEDAR MOUNTAIN MANUFACTURING has researched and come up with a new design that provides the handles with four points of reinforcement so that it can better stand up to the rigors of daily use.


The CEDAR MOUNTAIN MANUFACTURING standard is 8" fasteners with side-release buckles (measured from the bottom of the foam). We stitch the strap of the fastener along the length of the skirt, providing extra strength and preventing ripping and tearing.